Meet The Team

ryan wenger Ryan Wenger CEO/Cofounder

Ryan left his hometown of Woodstock to travel the world, eat exotic foods, and become a lawyer. Along the way, he invented the WhereFor Engine.

ryan wenger Darren Enenstein COO/Cofounder

Darren is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the law firm, Enenstein Ribakoff Lavina & Pham. Darren's operations experience includes software companies, a delivery company, and restaurants. He is an avid traveler and enjoys pairing wine with food.

ryan wenger Naya Resnick Director of Tech/Cofounder

Naya got her start in technology encrypting communications for the Israeli Defense Force. She has 14 years of technology management and software development experience. She may or may not know how to shoot an uzi. Naya leads a talented group of WhereFor software engineers.